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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Source: Bankers Publicly Embracing Robots Are Privately Fearing Job Cuts – Bloomberg

Source: IBM Is Clueless About AI Risks

Source: Hackers Have Already Started to Weaponize Artificial Intelligence

We are not used to the idea of machines making ethical decisions, but the day when they will routinely do this – by themselves – is fast approaching.

Source: Can we teach robots ethics? – BBC News

Google’s A.I. can now program more A.I.

Source: Google created machine-learning software that can program machine-learning software.

Source: Driverless cars could let you choose who survives in a crash | New Scientist

Source: The rise of drone crime and how cops can stop it

Source: Rheinmetall AG – The High-Energy Laser

Perhaps Arthur C. Clarke was being uncharacteristically unambitious. He once pointed out that any sufficiently advanced technology…

Source: Is Physical Law an Alien Intelligence?