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Monthly Archives: May 2015

A New Zealand AI company is creating an extremely angry robot. But is this a cause for concern or an exciting computing development?

Source: Artificial intelligence: should you be scared of angry robots? – Telegraph

Jaan Tallinn, Guruduth S. Banavar and Francesca Rossi discuss how close we are to machines capable of autonomous reasoning, where artificial intelligence is headed in the near future, and what it all means for humanity..

Source: Does Artificial Intelligence Pose a Threat? – WSJ

British Military Developing Force Fields.

Force fields could be the next big battlefield innovation – The Washington Post.

The Heaphy Project: Crowdsourced Robot Servants and the Willow Garage Spin-off That Never Was – IEEE Spectrum.

Adobe Web Platform Team.

60fps on the mobile web — Flipboard Engineering.

Facebook AI Director Yann LeCun on His Quest to Unleash Deep Learning and Make Machines Smarter – IEEE Spectrum.

Google AI Learns Classic Arcade Games From Scratch, Would Probably Beat You at Them – IEEE Spectrum.

Poker-Playing AIs Today, Skynet Tomorrow – IEEE Spectrum.