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Monthly Archives: September 2014

You Don’t Have to Be Google to Build an Artificial Brain

Decent comparison of some MVC Frameworks

An ebook on writing Single Page Apps Single page apps in depth
Ryan said this was a good place to learn Angular (video though)

Another I found

Micro Templates by the inventor

This looks useful – The top 5 JavaScript templating engines

A Code Project article using Backbone and Marionette
Stuff from HTML5Rocks HTML’s New Template Tag ,HTML Imports
#include for the web,
an SPA manifesto
Sections and Outlines of an HTML5 Document
And on MDN but sadly not much substance, just links to libs

Take a look at this:

The Ethical Status of Artificial Agents – With and Without Consciousness

Some good links in this page, especially about various Frameworks:

A browser based “shell”, seems kind of like JSFiddle or Canvas Scratchpad?  Might be good to check out…

There is also this Java based Rhino shell from MDN.  hmm, very old, Java based implementation of JS, probably not worth spending time on…

A bunch of options here, node.js and windows scripting host seem most promising (since most of the answers are for OSX)

JavaScript open source charting library 

WebGL Game engine 

Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

JavaScript Promises

CSS Flexbox

WinJS HTML 5 App

Light Table

Numeric JavasScript

JavaScript Matrix Library

JavaScript Allonge

three.js (3d Library)