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Category Archives: Art

Source: Could a computer ever create better art than a human? – BBC News

Gallery and information on 3d Mandelbox fractal, similar to the Mandelbrot set and the Mandelbulb.

Source: Negative 1.5 Mandelbox – Mandelbox

The Aurullia series are Tom Beddard’s interpretation of a fractal formula called Mandalay, a specific type of Mandelbox with additional parameters that allow scaling of the folding on individual axes, either in parallel or one after.

Source: The Imaginary Kingdom of Aurullia – Interpretation of Mandalay fractal by Subblue

These images generated are amazing! Follow the links!

Art by Oskar Stålberg.

Some amazing stuff here – his Brick Block, other cool Unity web stuff.  It makes a compelling case for playing with Unity!

To start with, found these interesting pages on JavaScript art:

Generative Art Blog

Generative Art book excerpt

WebGL Experiments

WebGL Fundamentals

Basic animations

CSS3 Color