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Source: Inside Ukraine’s Killer-Drone Startup Industry | WIRED

Source: Ukraine Rolls Out Target-Seeking Terminator Drones

“I am not stupid, you know,” says Sarah Connor in the original 1984 Terminator movie, refusing to believe that a killer robot is after her. “They cannot make things like that yet.”

“Not yet,” Kyle Reese tells her. “Not for about forty years.”

Forty years is now up. Not only do autonomous weapons exist, they can be built at a kitchen table with components bought online. And as Sternenko suggest, they are rapidly improving. It will take some time for the world to fully comes to terms with what this means.

My thoughts – target discrimination, IFF, how far will this go? Ukraine is desperate, how far will they go?

Source: Ukrainian Wild Hornets Co-Founder Talks About The Future Of Drone Wars

Need to look more into their “AI targeting”. What will prevent drones from getting turned around or mis-deployed and automatically attacking friendly targets? See the other article

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Source: FAA Investigating Drone Incursion at Thursday Night NFL Game – FLYING Magazine