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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Source: Web Audio Demos

There is so much doom and gloom associated with robots and jobs it is time to add some common sense to the misunderstandings created by so called experts opinions about robots and jobs – thankfully…

Source: Robots and job fears: Destruction of large numbers of jobs unlikely, says new OECD Study « RobotEnomics

The scientists at the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center model cyberattacks, global pandemics, and megastorms.

Source: The Scientists Who Simulate The End Of The World

Source: Breakthrough Initiatives

The U.S. military on Thursday christened an experimental self-driving warship designed to hunt for enemy submarines, a major advance in robotic warfare at the core of America’s strategy to counter Chinese and Russian naval investments.

Source: U.S. military christens self-driving ‘Sea Hunter’ warship

“Please touch my buttocks,” the robot says

Source: Touching a Robot’s ‘Intimate Parts’ Makes People Uncomfortable – IEEE Spectrum