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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Which nation will be the first to create a superintelligent artificial mind?

Source: A Global Arms Race to Create a Superintelligent AI is Looming | Motherboard

A new report suggests that the marriage of AI and robotics could replace so many jobs that the era of mass employment could come to an end

Source: Artificial intelligence: ‘Homo sapiens will be split into a handful of gods and the rest of us’ | Business | The Guardian

Biology is simply not the best system out there for our species’ evolution. It’s frail, terminal, and needs to be upgraded.

Source: Why I Advocate for Becoming a Machine | Motherboard

Why transhumanists favor nuclear disarmament.

Source: We Must Destroy Nukes Before an Artificial Intelligence Learns to Use Them | Motherboard

The use of animals in military operations often carries a hint of the absurd.

Source: Cyborg Combat Critters | Motherboard

The idea is to quickly build perimeter defenses seemingly out of nowhere.

Source: The Army’s Futuristic Guard Posts Are Trailers with Pop-Up Gun Turrets | Motherboard