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Monthly Archives: December 2015

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Source: Free Online Fundraising & Crowdfunding Website – YouCaring

Pretty similar to Mike’s idea. He says big difference is theirs is Charity only.

Source: The Coming Technological Singularity

Friendly AI

Source: FAQ – Friendly AI

WARNING: Reading this article may commit you to an eternity of suffering and torment. Slender Man. Smile Dog. Goatse. These are some of the urban legends s

Source: The Most Terrifying Thought Experiment of All Time

Source: Gamasutra: Mark Klocek’s Blog – The Online Browser Games Industry – Flash and HTML5

Source: Alexa OBrien › Retired NSA Technical Director Explains Snowden Docs

One cognitive scientist thinks the leading approach to machine learning can be improved by ideas gleaned from studying children.

Source: Gary Marcus, A Deep Learning Dissenter, Thinks He Has a More Powerful AI Approach | MIT Technology Review