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Category Archives: Ethics

Source: AIs should have the same ethical protections as animals | Aeon Ideas

John Basl wrote this (with another).


We are not used to the idea of machines making ethical decisions, but the day when they will routinely do this – by themselves – is fast approaching.

Source: Can we teach robots ethics? – BBC News

Source: Killer robots are coming, and Elon Musk is worried | Ars Technica

Four people involved in the creation of an industry partnership say its intent will be clear: to ensure that A.I. research is focused on things that will benefit people, not hurt them.

Source: How Tech Giants Are Devising Real Ethics for Artificial Intelligence

Two German philosophers developed the first virtual reality code of ethics to help stave off our descent into a Matrix-esque hell, but we’re already violating that code.

Source: We’re Already Violating Virtual Reality’s First Code of Ethics